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Career stress: I’ve been an ASIC design engineer for the past 15 years. I’d like to switch to a less stressful career with more growth outlook. What do you suggest?

So, you have career stress or stress in your career? Being an ASIC design engineer for 15 years suggests you are still in a technical position. So, you are not management, I assume. I am not sure what you mean by growth and less stress. Because, an engineer is usually under high levels of stress unless you work for the government. That’s why we are paid the big bucks (requires functioning sarcasm detector). Above all, the salary is puny compared to lawyers, accountants, … versus contribution to progress of society. Even though, engineers are crucial to the tech development. So, either dive into the startup craziness. Start your own business. Maybe freelance in software (yes, I know). Today, you can develop an app or website, write software right from home. You need a computer, not even the latest model and, GO!

BTW, all indicates that young engineers leave the ASIC design business faster than ever. The chaos and stress of a hardware design project scares them into software or app development. So, it is a real thing! Career stress is just not worth it. Your focus need to stay on getting out of there. Every half an hour of free time, spend it on yourself, self improvement. Best investment ever.

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