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What will workers have to resort to when robotics and advanced artificial intelligence systems eliminate their careers?

Will robots take our jobs? Robots need mechanics, electronics and software. Obviously, people are safe if they choose this direction in their work life. Because demand is future proof. Robots need maintenance as well. Hence, it is clear that the labor market shifts. And, it does not shrink. It changes.

History teachers

In the past, agriculture took a deep dive. Because, factories became the employers of the industrial revolution. Cars replaced horses and carriages. Things changed. Fear for the future is a powerful weapon. So, please look to the history of mankind. Disruptive technology changed things. It did destroy certain job types. But it brought a wealth of new opportunities as well. The point of history in our school system is not to remember dates. We look at history to spot similarity. History explains that fear isn’t necessary. We need to think and prepare. The problem is that our education system is rigid. Our labor laws are rigid. That creates big issues for the weakest in society. Those who believe that the government takes care of everyone. That government sees what is coming and then takes the appropriate steps. That ain’t gonna happen, mr Disney world.

Automation, robots, jobs

Let’s assume that your job is to do repetitive and boring work. Minutes feel like hours. Are we saying that a machine that has no feelings, that works 24/7 and doesn’t need to go the toilet is a bad replacement for that human? What if we imagine this human doing something he likes? It frees up this human to make his life more meaningful and joyful. This is a positive view on things. It puts a part of the responsibility in the hands of the individual. Oh, no. We can’t have that, right?

More disturbing positive viewpoints

Just because a machine can take over a certain task, it doesn’t mean that no human could do that job anymore. Even though a machine could do the job, it does not necessarily imply it will replace all humans doing that job. We use a drill too, right? So, the machine helps us for making a hole in the wall. If we view the machine as helping mankind, make us perform more efficient. Finally, we do a better job, progress faster. Hence, that is nothing we should fear. Because it is a win-win situation. So, a machine that follows you in the supermarket and packs the groceries in an efficient way, that takes care of the payment and brings the groceries to your car and puts the groceries in your car in boxes. Moreover, the cost for a future automated supermarkets spreads out over time. The cost for the customer is quite low. But the gain in time is big for the customer. And time is precious in our society.

The paperless future

There are other sectors that need more manpower and they do not find them. In the past, we were going paperless with computers, tablets and phones. But we still print a lot of documents. Several more examples like that. Hence, it is never black and white. Robots and jobs, let’s prepare instead of fear.

Seems like we can call it 49 shades of grey (wink, wink), right?

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