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VLSI: How is the future prospect of ASIC and FPGA verification? Is there any opportunity to do freelancing in this field?

When designing and doing verification, about 25% of the time is spent on design and 75% on verification. Hence the latter is key. With the machine learning improvements, system on chip, SoC’s, are going to be in increasing demand. ASIC and FPGA are an essential part of a SoC. I don’t expect that the growing demand for skilled engineers will match the available resources, hence a senior verification engineer could freelance and make a decent living. But that is a decision you need to think about very carefully. List all pros and cons and then decide. But I believe the demand will rise more than the offering. And, more important, quantity is one thing. Quality is another. Verification is hard because it requires eye for detail and not taking shortcuts. There are a lot of verification engineers, but not so many experts.

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