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What are the best websites to find freelance jobs as a robotics/embedded systems engineer?

My experience as freelancer tells me that those jobs are hard to find on websites. Upwork, for example, has sometimes ASIC, FPGA or embedded programming contracts. Unfortunately it is mostly jobs specified as “20GH ASIC miner” and budget 200$. It is far beyond ridiculous. On linkedin, indeed, … you can find contracts but mostly through agencies. For some reason, the whole freelance expert business works as follows. If you contact a company, your CV is handled by HR. Needless to say, you will never land a contract through them. Managers on the other hand, they are short on manpower and bypass HR completely. They call an agency, which is easy because it takes just a phone call. The agency searches their internal database and browses linkedin. They start calling freelancers and the first one that matches the acronyms in the job spec is presented to that manager. The agency takes an impressive margin, because calling and browsing is though. Managers complain that those pesky consultants cost an arm and a leg. But next time, they call the same agency again. Freelancers on the other hand put in the brains and the hours but the agency recruiter makes more a month than the freelancer, even if the freelancer has x master degrees and 15 yrs experience with the best companies in the world. Compared to lawyers and accountants, engineers that bring latest tech to the world make nothing. With an agency taking a big slice, it is hardly worth it. The risk of not having income, the going on site, so many things that are not going to get you happiness and a satisfying family life.

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