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What will it take to create a complete AI robot?

I my view, the mechanics of a robot (strength, agility, sound, … improvements) and electronics need improvement. The latter being system on chip, both hardware and software. With Nervana, Movidius acquisitions and Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple focussing on AI, hardware is now prominent. Hence the VLSI hardware development will be much faster than we have ever seen. Remember that these giants have hundreds of billions to spend on this. Hence the small victories (obstacle avoidance, playing Go, recognising objects and people in pictures, speech recognition, …) will turn into robots driven by chips intelligent enough to replace simple human tasks in random environments. We have automated warehouses already. Robots stocking the shelves. But, the warehouse is a well known and well-defined place. While, using robots to clean houses, that needs smart robots to adapt to every house, every room and different circumstances. Hence, it will take quite a few years until we are there.

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