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A simple guide to a VLSI engineer career

So, you want to consider a career as an engineer? Well, first of all, I am active in the semiconductor world for decades. So, I decided to try out Quora. Certainly, it is early to conclude anything. But, based on a few months of Quora answers, I can say this. It seems like the main questions people ask are related to career and about choosing a direction in education. Moreover, the prospects or downsides of a certain career are important as well.  Because we want to start a career. Or, we want to change a career. Hence here is some information based on a few of my answers in this guide.

Career prospects for an engineer

Above all, what is the best choice for a career or for your education trajectory?

After all, everybody wants to become the next manager, chief this, senior that and blablabla team lead, right?

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VLSI job interviews

Certainly, you have majored in something and you want to apply for a job.

So, next stop: interviews.

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Engineer career changes

When to change direction or career when you feel stuck or unhappy?

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