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A list of AI startups in hardware focussing on AI and machine learning

An AI startup in hardware, it is capital intensive and high risk. But it can also shake the standstill and boost innovation. Let’s mention a few names of AI startups that go around the internet.

Big, Bigger, Biggest

  • Intel has acquired a few startups:
    • Movidius (Movidius neural compute stick).
    • Nervana (Neural network processor).
  • Google has the TPU, tensor processing unit.
  • Apple is working on the neural engine.
  • Amazon is allegedly working on an Alexa AI chip.
  • NVIDIA: more GPU based but still useful as AI accellerator.

No question about it, we will soon run out of name combinations with neural in it!One important giant missing in this list. Also, AMD is in the GPU market for a long time (former ATI) but seems to have no interest in the neural accelerator market.

The AI Startup: Small, Smaller, Smallest

Hence, a few names of AI startups that go around the internet:

  • KnuEdge.
  • Horizon Robotics.
  • Graphcore.
  • Eyeriss.
  • Wave computing.
  • Mythic.
  • Habana.

Of course, there is a difference between the training of the AI model and the inference at the edge. But generally speaking, there is a lot going on and a lot of big players are active in the market.

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