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What is your job experience?

I worked for small and big semiconductor giants.

Automotive, consumer, telecom, … industry.

What is your VLSI experience?

  • ASIC design, most recent taped out in 16nm.
  • FPGA prototyping (for ASIC) and FPGA design.
  • Embedded software (bare metal) for ARM, 8051, macroblaze, NIOS, LEON, … .
  • 3D printer enthousiast, building Reprap from scratch, upgrading cheap clones adding laser engraver.
  • Arduino Mega and RAMPS 1.4 for Prusa i3 3D printer.
  • Raspberry pi for home automation and OctoPi.

20+ years of digital design with VHDL and verilog. I have worked with all front-end design tools:

  • Simulation: Questa (Modelsim), Incisive (NCSim) and VCS.
  • Synthesis: DC shell.
  • STA: primetime.
  • DFT: Tetramax, Fastscan.
  • Formal verification: Formality.